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Terms of Use are worded in the masculine for no special reason and obviously equally relate to women. Please read carefully the following terms and conditions, as they constitute a binding agreement. Usage of this website and of its content indicates your acceptance of these terms. If you do not agree
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Under these conditions, the term "Content" or "Content" includes information
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Terms and conditions of services provided in this website are provided "as is". There will be no claim or demand against the website with respect to the nature of the services offered by the site, whether they are limited, adapted to your needs and the like.

A website of Givot Olam Oil Exploration - Limited Partnership (1993) reserves the right to change from time to time the structure of the services offered by the site, their content, their appearance, their scope and availability, including removal
and / or addition of links and any other aspect, all without notice. These changes reflect, inter alia, the dynamic nature of the Internet and technological advances. Such changes may cause discomfort 
or malfunctions. 
User shall have no claim or demand against the website of Givot Olam Oil Exploration - Limited Partnership (1993) due to introduction of such changes.

Some content, publications, information and products listed on the site are based on external sources, and therefore the website administration bears no responsibility for them in whatsoever, including the degree of the accuracy or truthfulness of the formation.

This website contains links to the other websites which are not under the control of Givot Olam Oil Exploration - Limited Partnership (1993). We have no control over the materials, information, content and availability of those sites. The very fact of referring to these websites does not imply that we recommend or support the content contained therein.

Every effort has been undertaken so that this website would run smoothly, and yet, Givot Olam Oil Exploration - Limited Partnership (1993) does not take any responsibility possible interruption of operation due to the technical matters that are not under our control. The site administration reserves the right to
edit or delete any article or comment of any kind any time at the discretion of the editors. The site administration does not warrant that the website will be available at all times, will operation flawlessly and that any malfunction will be fixed.
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