Senior Officers

Amir Ben-David, CEO

Industrial Engineering (Technion) from 1993. Rabbinate Certified (Har Etzion Yeshiva)
Previous positions: Advisor to Givot Olam CEO (2015-2016), Director of Gas at Givot Olam (2012-2013), Yeshiva and Synagogue Director (2006-2012), Jewelry Factory Manager (Family) (1993-2006)

Aviad Odish (CPA), CFO

Education: BA in Accounting and Economics,
Hebrew University

Previous Positions:
Partnership Controller from 2011
 CPA Auditor at Barzilai Co.
 Certified Public Accountants 2007-2011
Dror Broder, Logistics and Administration Manager
Education: EPI Senior Management Procurement Course, 2005- 2007, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, registered work manager's course
Previous positions: Vice CEO Purchasing and Logistics, Oceania Sea Research Inc.
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